Dubai is a paradise for tourists and one of the most visiting places in Dubai. During my vacations, I decided to visit Dubai with my family to get some entertainment and to spend my vacations full of enjoyment. I choose Dubai to spend my vacations because my wish is to visit Desert Safari. As Dubai is a well-developed city with the best shopping centers, hotels, all along with the natural beauty of the place the Dubai tour a memorable and enchanting experience in the Arabian adventures.

Most people have a desire to see and explore the beauty of the desert in their lifetime. In my point of view exploring desert is one of the most exciting and adventurous trips. Everyone should experience at least once in their whole life. Not only because of adventurous activities but also if you are visiting Desert Safari Dubai you can also experience most electrifying and thrilling entertainment during your trip.


Desert safari is one of the attractions in Dubai, which you can not miss. No matter for what reason you are visiting Dubai, do not miss to spend some time to have excellent experience in “never-ending sands” of Dubai Desert Safari.

Let’s discuss a visit to Desert Safari tour which was experienced by me with my family during my holiday vacations. We selected One-night one-day desert safari tour and this tour is all about making memories, have some fun, knowing and exploring dunes that can be cherished rest of your lives. Our journey begins with a pickup at our hotel. A shiny white, air-conditioned 4WD drive by a professional driver whisks out of the town, into the desert and up onto the dunes, tires are already deflated, and is ready to tackle the dunes.


4WD dune bashing was our starter. More desert sports were waiting for us at the Desert Camp, a giant arena within the gated conversation area where we were greeted by men in white robes inviting us to try some all Arabian activities which include henna tattoos, smoking hookah pipes, trying on traditional dresses and holding a falcon to capture some beautiful memories. After experiencing all these Arabian activities we went for sandboards which were provided by a man and he was pointing us towards a slope that looks tame yet was a real challenge to navigate with a board strapped to our feet. We enjoyed a lot while riding sandboards. It was quite similar to snowboarding. It is the most fun-filling part of Desert Safari, balancing ourselves on slippery sandy land is what the exact activity is.

As it was a morning time the view of the sunrise was so mesmerizing. We captured the view of a beautiful sunrise to make it more memorable. In the morning, we saw beautiful wildlife creatures like Arabian gazelles and Arabian oryxes.

Then we went for camel riding which was very much excited. They help us to sit onto a camel and walk us around. We enjoyed the natural view of Desert Safari by sitting on the back of a camel. When the camel suddenly lies down we feel like a car crash in an action. We enjoyed camel riding at least for 45-minutes. We enjoyed Falcon demonstration which is another attraction in Desert safari, we walked around the desert and clicked various photographs with the beautiful bird.

In the day time, we got a chance of enjoying a hot air balloon ride which was wonderful, We enjoyed the beautiful scenes of Desert Safari from high above in the sky. After having a hot air balloon ride, I went for quad biking with my siblings. It is actually the most exciting activity and it is the safest ride of Desert Safari Dubai and anyone can prefer to do the quad biking. Riding heavy 4*4 quad biking on soft desert sand is one of the exciting experiences. This ride can only be offered in Morning Desert Safari.

After enjoying all these activities we went for having lunch which was very much delicious. We took our lunch under the shade of a tree and our simple dish became more delicious when the surrounding was loaded with spellbound views. Then we took some rest under the shade of a tree until the weather got cooled down.

When it was mid-afternoon when it was a time of sunset we got very excited. It was an enchanting and beautiful sunset view in the desert. We would be pleased to see the soft lightning around us in the evening. The beautiful sun rays providing us a perfect background for capturing the best photographs.

At night we got our dinner which was a delicious BBQ. We enjoyed our dinner at the campsite and also enjoyed shisha smoking along with belly dance performance which was performed by an Arabic dancer on various Arabic songs. These activities made our tour more beautiful and wonderful.


At some point in the night, I awoke and the moon has come out to play. It was the full moon in a dark. It seems unreal and was too big and bright. The sky view at night was very beautiful. We were lying under the blanket of shining stars. We got a blanket and sleeping bags with us. It was so cold and we all were shivering.

I want to see the beautiful sunrise in the early morning from the top of a dune. I tried to climb a peak and it crumbled away beneath me. I fall on my knees and scrambled up, sand was running through my fingers. It was a beautiful experience and I spent my vacations wonderfully. I can not describe my joy in a few words.


The holidays in Dubai attract lots of tourists from all over the world to take a vacation quite remarkable and enjoyable. I suggest you spend your vacations in Dubai and also visit Desert Safari to make your Dubai trip memorable.



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